Monday, 8 November 2010


How did you do?

I did not do well. I don't know whether it is because I am an all-or-nothing kind of girl but I have struggled to get back on the diet, and cheese and butter have stayed with me this week.

Shredding was a struggle too - I managed time for 2 shreds and quite frankly I am bored! Bored of having to do exercise because my littlest is sleeping, not at exactly the time I choose, bored of listening to the monitor with half an ear while I'm doing it in case he wakes, bored of having to take two showers a day when I Shred...

Ugh. So motivation has been low and the scales have adjusted accordingly. On the upside, I did a lot more general activity this week, so I didn't veg completely!

I'm rolling the challenges forward for another week, so let's see how I do.

Weekly weigh-in:

10st 2.4lbs (twenty p lost!)

Monday, 1 November 2010

November Challenge - Are You In?

Okay, as I said last week, it's time to restart the challenge, as there are only 54 days now till Christmas... I'm thinking of it as a present to myself. How about you?

The challenge:

* Low fat diet using up my supply of Alli

* 4 Shreds a week

* At least half an hour's atypical activity on a non-Shred day

* Weekly weigh-ins and blog-ins

Weekly weight:

10st 2.6lbs (so no large increase since the routine went to hell in a handbasket, which is a mercy!)

Who's in?

Thursday, 28 October 2010

A B C....

Or Apologies, "But"s and Challenges...

Where in hecky thump was I? Well, gentle reader, I've been here but not here. You know I've said before how life gets in the way, well it really has the past few weeks. So I'm sorry for disappearing without trace, I just haven't been able to spend enough mental or physical time on the diet, the exercise, or the blog.

My "but"s and excuses? Well I don't have any, but I do have explanations. I and a group of friends have been working ridiculously hard on a charity sale for SANDS, a charity very close to my heart. The sale activity and stress ramped up until last Saturday, when I'm pleased to say everything went off without a hitch and we raised a massive £1,200 for charity! Yahoo! But organising all of that (which for the past 3 months has taken up up to 3 hours of every day, for most of us) meant that the bit of free time I did have couldn't be spent on exercise, so the Shredding had to be held off.

I must say, I was enjoying the shredding, so I'm glad to be able to start picking it up again now I'm back. So onto my Challenges...

Challenge 1: Resume the diet and exercise plan as of November 1

November 1 is the start of a new month, and the start of a new week. What better time to start again? Plus it still gives me time to fit in 30 shreds (at 4 shreds min a week) before Christmas... a present to myself.

Challenge 2: Prioritise better around child nap-times

Shredding when you have a tiny person at home is more difficult than it sounds. Yes, he naps, but he does so erratically, and a 30 min shred actually takes nearer 50 mins when you factor getting ready and showering afterwards. Add to that, the best way I have found of doing everything I need to is to have 2 showers a day on a shredding day, especially if not shredding till the afternoon - which is a bit of a waste of water but much better for my personal environment!

Challenge 3: Pull on the Alli-boots again

I've actually been pretty good diet-wise this whole time, though I've been so tired and stressed that both butter and cheese have been seen in my vicinity recently. I *think* I've put on about half a pound since the last weigh in, which isn't awful, but hopefully it'll come off again soon with a dedicated diet and exercise mindset.

How have you been doing? My Shred-Head friends are quiet lately. My Photo friends have reported missing mojo. Is October just a month of gloom? Tell me...

If you, like me, have found yourself with gravel burns while the wagon you rode in on trundles off merrily into the distance without you, perhaps you'd like to stick out a thumb and hitch a new ride...

Anyway, see you again on Monday, for the new month weigh in and the first day of Shredding Part 2...

Monday, 11 October 2010

Day 5 - Hobnobs and the Plank

So, I reacted to my weight gain in time honoured fashion. I broke out the Hobnobs (it was my husband's fault they were there at all).

Did you know they are 5g fat each? Gah.

Once I had binged, it was time for scourging and self-flagellation. Being plum out of Catholic guilt and knotted rope I opted for the next best thing, Level 2 Shredding.

Do you know, it wasn't awful. Yes, I modified like hell (double jump skipping, anyone?!) but Jillian's new move, the plank is actually doable. I quite enjoyed the plank and jumps (can't remember the name!), though enjoyed is probably the wrong word. Endured maybe...

Rest day tomorrow then back on Weds. I think I'll try level 2 again, but watch this space...

In other news:

Turkey bacon. Just do it.

Not Impressed

So four days of shredding while continuing my low fat diet has left me...

...almost half a pound heavier.

By the way, muscle doesn't weigh more than fat, so let's put that one to bed right now. However muscle is denser, so there's less of it, pound to pound, hence you can look and feel leaner but stay the same weight. I do feel leaner, but ultimately it's the scales who rule, so so far, not impressed.

Onwards. Only another 26 days' shredding to do...

Weekly weigh in:

10st 2.4lb

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Rest Day

Well, even the greatest have a day off...

It was unplanned, but by the time we'd got our Sunday family gubbins finished, I really could not be faffed at an evening Shred.

Weigh in tomorrow, then back on the horse!

Try it yourself:

Tesco Light Choices Chicken & Broccoli Pie. Very nice, and perfect for a Sunday dinner if you need an alternative.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Day 4 - Disaster...

It is getting easier. I had been assured by friends that after day 3 things would start to feel easier and actually they have done. I wasn't even sure I would be exercising today as I felt so strained last night, but I was actually fine this morning (God bless memory foam).

I found I was able to follow the whole of level 1 without any adjustment except the second lot of skipping in circuit 1, and a slightly-less-adjusted position in the sit ups.

Today I also found when I was carrying my 2st daughter she felt light as a feather - hopefully this means something is improving somewhere?

The disaster? Well at the end of circuit 1 I heard my husband's key in the front door. Husband and children had been banished from the house this afternoon while I exercised, but just 8 minutes in, my eldest had fallen and cut her hands. Cue abandonment of the DVD while I helped him to calm her and soothe her cuts, before resuming the DVD when she was settled with Daddy and a story upstairs.

Do you like to exercise with others around you? I'm still way too self-conscious, plus my 3yo would be annoyingly distracting...

"Mummy, why are you doing that?"

"Mummy, watch me, I can do a jump [falls over]"

"Mummy, why does your belly jump up and down when you run?"


That does mean that if I'm to undertake this DVD 6 times a week (Tuesdays having already been declared impossible) I'm going to need the co-operation of my lovely husband. Thanks darling!

In other news:

Today I exercised in the afternoon, when it fit in best with the family plans. previously I've exercised in the morning. Looking on the net I have found articles that say first thing is best, others that say the afternoon and evening matches your muscular peak. What works for you? Comments welcome below!